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Thursday, August 19, 2021

GeoArm Releases the All-New Resideo ProSeries Wireless Security System

#GeoArm Releases the All-New #Resideo ProSeries Wireless #Security System | #TpromoCom | The all-new Resideo ProSeries PROA7 and PROA7PLUS wireless smart security systems have just been released for sale at GeoArm.

The ProSeries is the next generation of all-in-one wireless encrypted security control panels currently being manufactured by Resideo ("formerly known as Honeywell Home") for the small business and DIY home security market in North America.

The Resideo ProSeries is a wireless 7" touchscreen panel that provides a more interactive user experience as compared to other simple branded security systems marketed on TV commercials. A brand new line of world-class AES-128 encrypted PROSiX-Series wireless security sensors has been developed by Resideo specifically for the ProSeries panel. The ProSeries 3-1 wireless base starter kit (sold from $300) provides a scalable smart security solution up to 250 maximum zones that is designed for high-end residential and commercial applications with up to 4 partitions. (read more)

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