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Monday, November 1, 2021

Does Your Security System Enhance Workplace Safety?

Does Your #Security System Enhance #Workplace #Safety? | #TpromoCom #EmployeeSafety | #AI turns existing camera systems into smart tools for protecting employees and bottom lines.

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Workplace safety can be a serious challenge and business expense for any organization. The scope of risks to workers is varied—from personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance and accidental falls, to intruders and violent threats—and the task of monitoring, identifying, and responding to incidents adds up quickly, both in terms of labor and costs. 

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that workplace injuries in 2019 cost the country, employers, and individuals $171 billion in lost productivity, medical expenses, and administrative expenses.
To read the remainder of this informative article: 

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

3xLOGIC Webinar Introduces New Features and Enhancements for VIGIL CLOUD

3xLOGIC Webinar to Introduce New Features and Enhancements for VIGIL CLOUD Offering | #TpromoCom | Company will provide dealers and integrators with insight into its cloud offering, including new mobile app and search capabilities


Fishers, Indiana (October 19, 2021) – For dealers and integrators working with or looking to work with the cloud, 3xLOGIC is hosting a webinar Thursday, October, 28, at 2 p.m. ET to unveil a number of new features for its VIGIL CLOUD offering. 


Building on 3xLOGIC’s 20-plus years of experience recording and managing video, VIGIL CLOUD brings a new paradigm to physical security through a powerful case management system that empowers users to share critical information and insights easily and quickly with team members and other stakeholders from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  

Leveraging cloud technology’s economical cost of deployment, VIGIL CLOUD delivers the holistic view of security systems that users have been looking for, enabling them to see their security in a whole new way and to get clarity from the cloud. 


The hour-long webinar will provide attendees with in-depth information about VIGIL CLOUD, including a number of new features designed to help dealers and integrators grow their business with a robust, cloud-based solution. 


Smart Search 

With the new Smart Search capability, VIGIL CLOUD users can quickly and easily identify and review events of interests, resulting in more accurate and efficient investigation. Providing seamless functionality between 3xLOGIC VIGIL CLOUD Server and client-based solutions and the VIGIL CLOUD offering, Smart Search allows users to focus their searches on just the areas or frames that most interest them. The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows users to narrow down their footage search results by selecting as many or as few blocks of the image as they wish to search within the playback field of view. Once a filter has been applied, Smart Search reviews the visible timeline and returns only the motion events in selected areas that are of most interest, with any motion detected within regions of interest displayed along the playback timeline. From this review, users can capture video clips, case management, and still images. Users can also change the Smart Search’s sensitivity to determine how much motion is required to trigger an event. 



3xLOGIC’s new VIGIL CLOUD mobile app for iOS and Android puts the power of VIGIL CLOUD in users’ hands, providing instant access to live and recorded video from anywhere, at any time. The app also allows users to configure playback options to their preferences and access a case management tool for commenting and changing status. For ease of use, the app’s dashboard provides quick and intuitive access to most recently viewed cameras, cases, and locations. 


For more information and to register for the webinar, visit

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Monday, October 18, 2021

All American Monitoring: Mass Appeal of Mass On Test

Mass On Test — You’re probably wondering what that is and how it benefits you, the dealer, right? It’s not something you have access to doing yourself, but it’s definitely something we can do to make your life so much easier when you’re challenged or dying to relax and enjoy your time.

Initially, when our Central Station heard about this feature they got super excited about the benefits this feature would have during disasters, and it’s definitely been a dream come true there, but it’s actually been more versatile than that.

Here’s what a “Mass On Test” can do for you... To read more: All American Monitoring: Mass Appeal of Mass On Test (image)

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Friday, October 15, 2021

ReddWare Inc. and ProHawk Technology Group Announce Strategic Alliance

#ReddWare Inc. and #ProHawk Technology Group Announce Strategic Alliance | #TpromoCom | VPEC removes or accentuates elements in your recorded video to improve image clarity, reduces particulates or elements such as rain, snow, fog or sand in your recorded surveillance video to... 

Apopka, Florida – September 22, 2021 – ReddWare Inc. and ProHawk Technology Group  announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance. Combining ProHawk Vision software with Reddware’s world class video stations, this now allows the end user to perform forensic investigation on recorded video. 

“Our partnership with ProHawk Technology Group gives our customers access to the most advanced computer vision technology for recorded video improvement and forensic review. Noisy, obscured, or unclear recorded video is transformed into sharp, clear video with intricate details.” said Rommel Roberts, CEO ReddWare Inc.  

With every purchase of ReddWare Hardware, customers will receive special access to ProHawk’s Vision software known as VPEC under the ReddWare brand (Video Playback Enhanced Capability). This limited version of the ProHawk Vision aka VPEC dramatically enriches the quality of playback video files providing "CSI" quality recorded video improvement tools bundled with every ReddWare workstation and server. 

VPEC removes or accentuates elements in your recorded video to improve image clarity, reduces particulates or elements such as rain, snow, fog or sand in your recorded surveillance video to increase image quality. Results in many cases improves the ability to see through storms,  identify subjects through tinted windows and reveal lost details hidden in the darkness and shadows. 

Bitdefender 2020 728x90
ReddWare Inc. offers custom designed hardware to seamlessly integrate ProHawk Vision’s innovative software for a wide range of professional security applications ensuring that our customized hardware meets each ProHawk Vision System's specific requirements and application needs. 

“While traditional products manipulate the full image, ProHawk Vision’s algorithms reveal each pixel’s true representation based on light, and the reflection and refraction of particulates,” said Bob Brown, CEO ProHawk, “That is just one of our secret sauces producing live video that is intelligible for humans and computers.”  

About ProHawk Technology Group, Inc. - ProHawk focuses on creating a better world through higher standard of operation from people and computers. Vision is a critical component for automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In the absence of quality images, we have humans and systems that fail to operate at optimal levels. To achieve superhuman performance, computers and machines require superhuman vision. ProHawk is committed to bringing that vision to all corners of the transformation revolution. ProHawk more than meets the eye. For more information, visit

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Video Surveillance at Six Flags to Reveal Instigators and Victims After Fight Night

Crowds Turn Violent At Six Flags America Over The Weekend | #TpromoCom #Violence #SixFlagsAmerica | It was a chaotic weekend at Six Flags America in Prince George's County after several fights broke out in the parking lot (baltimore.cbslocal).

"The Prince George’s County Police Department is working to identify those who were victimized by acts of vandalism that occurred this weekend at Six Flags Amusement Park. We are reviewing video and attempting to identify tag numbers and victims as well as potential suspects. Once we identify the suspects then the States Attorney’s Office can determine potential charges," says a Prince George County Police Department representative. 

For more: 

There are folks who do not believe that public video surveillance is a good thing for the citizens of their locale. Of course, there are those who believe it is. The situation described in this news story is definitely one that will get sorted out only by the use of on-site video surveillance. Without it, police would probably find it impossible to figure out who did what and to whom.
--Al Colombo 
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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

New Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions In-car Video System Takes Mobile Video Recording Technology Into the Future

New Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions In-car Video System Takes Mobile Video Recording Technology Into the Future (image)

New Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions In-car Video System Takes Mobile Video Recording Technology Into the Future
| #TpromoCom | Advanced Video Processor Speeds Deployment and Streamlines Video Reviewing and Sharing

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions is excited to announce their new in-car video (ICV4000) system featuring a powerful new video processing unit (VPU4000). With high-speed processing, wireless networking, new security features, improved image quality and easier deployment, the new Panasonic i-PRO ICV4000 system takes in-car video technology into the future.

“Panasonic i-PRO in-car video systems for law enforcement and professional security applications have a well-deserved reputation for exceptional reliability and video quality,” said David O’Connor, Director, Public Safety Division, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corp. of America. “Building from that legacy and our extensive experience in professional video recording technology, the ICV4000 is a next-generation in-car video evidence capture solution with higher performance, improved security, and simplified installation.”

The new ICV4000 employs the MPEG-4 recording format, eliminating the need for proprietary media devices and making it easier to share video and audio content with other applications. By eliminating the conversion processes and workflows associated with proprietary video formats, the ICV4000 provides a more streamlined approach to video reviewing and sharing.

As with all evidence-capture technology, securing the integrity of video and audio data is a top priority. The ICV4000 uses new and improved security features such as SSD drive lock and AES/256 data encryption at rest, which ensure that evidence data is completely secure and cannot be accessed or forcibly removed by unauthorized parties.

With several options for front-end cameras, the ICV4000 offers industry leading full 1080p HD recording along with a wider field of view and multiple optical/digital zoom levels. This provides users with superior video evidence quality and ensures that every detail is clearly captured, even under challenging conditions.

The ICV4000 incorporates embedded Bluetooth (BLE) and two wireless LAN modules to support seamless integration with Panasonic i-PRO’s BWC4000. Additionally, the ICV4000 features a consolidated system design that combines multiple system features, which results in reduced vehicle installation time and easier deployment and usability.

With higher performance, superior image quality and the open standard MPEG-4 recording format, the new Panasonic i-PRO ICV4000 system is the ideal choice for virtually every in-car video system application.

For more information, visit

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America Will Change Its Name in April 2022

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America Will Change Its Name in April 2022
| #TpromoCom #iPRO #VideoSurveillance #Security #Business | Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. and a global leader in advanced sensing technologies in the fields of Intelligent Surveillance, Public Safety and Industrial/Medical Imaging, announces that it will be changing its company name to i-PRO Americas Inc. on April 1, 2022.

Established in 2019, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America has focused on being a versatile and agile company that is dedicated to delivering new and innovative technologies and solutions. This name change is the next chapter in their story.

“This is an exciting time for us, and the name change has always been a planned part of our journey. When we started in 2019, we committed to delivering new technologies more efficiently and more quickly. We kept this commitment,” said Bill Brennan, President. “i-PRO Americas Inc. is simply the next chapter, and we are looking forward to building on the foundation that we have laid down over the last 20 months. We will still deliver the same high-quality products and solutions. Only now it will be as i-PRO Americas Inc.”

As this name change will not take place until April 1, 2022, the company will continue to go by its current name, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America, until that time.  

ESC operates throughout the state of Ohio.

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48 Advocacy Groups Call On the FTC To Ban Amazon Surveillance

48 Advocacy Groups Call On the FTC To Ban Amazon Surveillance | #TpromoCom | On Thursday, a coalition of 48 civil rights and advocacy groups organized by Athena asked the Federal Trade Commission to exercise its rulemaking authority by banning corporate facial surveillance technology, banning continuous corporate surveillance of public spaces, and protecting the public from data abuse.

"The harms caused by this widespread, unregulated corporate surveillance pose a direct threat to the public at large, especially for Black and brown people most often criminalized using surveillance," the coalition wrote in an open letter. "Given these dangers, we're calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to use its rulemaking authority to ban corporate use of facial surveillance technology, ban continuous surveillance in places of public accommodation, and stop industry-wide data abuse."

Recently, thanks to Bill Higdon, a member of Surveillance Installers on Facebook, the issue of facial recognition, its use in public camera systems, and the possibility of biased arrests based on racial criterial, the following conversation took place. 

Whether you're an end user, professional, or a manufacturer, you are welcome to join the conversation. If you'd like to become a member of the Surveillance Installers forum: or click on the banner below!

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Monday, July 19, 2021

DITEK Features Cutting-Edge Surge Protection Solutions

DITEK Features Cutting-Edge Surge Protection Solutions

at ISC West 2021

Solutions to Protect Critical Electrical Systems,

Including Security and Fire Alarms


Las Vegas, NV (July 19, 2021) – DITEK, the leading provider of surge protection solutions is featuring state-of-the art technology at ISC West 2021, July 19-21 in Las Vegas. DITEK surge protectors are your first line of defense against power surges and spikes caused by lightning or other sources. DITEK solutions protect critical electrical systems—from fire alarms to video surveillance—by safely diverting excess voltage to ground, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. DITEK’s vast array of solutions gives system designers, engineers, and installers peace of mind that equipment will remain safe from the damaging effects of power surges and spikes in voltage.

"Surge protection is the most vital and affordable way to safeguard critical electronic equipment and avoid downtime," said Jason Klein, National Sales Manager, DITEK. "Having a security or fire alarm system fail without warning is costly and dangerous. Our wide range of solutions ensure critical systems remain up and running at all times."

Total Surge Solution for Fire Alarm Systems – DITEK's DTK-120X12 combines protection for 120V system power with protection for up to 12 low voltage circuits, eliminating unnecessary damage caused by power surges and spikes. This unique and compact new combination simplifies implementation of comprehensive surge protection for fire alarm systems while providing remote monitoring of surge protection status using dry contacts. The convenient, modular plug-in design simplifies installation of surge protection modules and allows for easy replacement when needed. The combination of complete system protection along with high quality construction and field-replaceable modules makes this new offering a perfect fit for protecting fire alarm systems and control panels.

Expanded Versa-Module, Low Voltage Surge Protection  DITEK’s new modular surge protection solution provides tailored multi-voltage protection for all varieties of low-voltage electronic systems. The DTK-VM2 enclosures offer 4, 8, and 24 channel options that accept a wide array of rapid-replacement modules designed to protect any combination of signaling, data, and low voltage power circuits from 5V up to 130V. All of the enclosures in this series accept any combination of modules equipped with either RJ45 or screw terminal connections, and all feature single point grounding for simple and fast installation and service. This unique and compact new solution simplifies implementation of comprehensive surge protection for all kinds of critical electronic systems, including surveillance, access control, fire, fuel dispensing, point-of-sale, communications, industrial controls, audio, and more. The versatility of the new DTK-VM2 series enables installers to provide the ideal electrical surge protection for every part of a system.


UPS Products – DITEK's online, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) offer reliable surge protection and double conversion technology that enables equipment to withstand the harshest power quality conditions, such as surges, spikes, brownouts and total power loss. This compact and economical UPS series is available in 1kVA - 3kVA models, and offers rack or tower configuration. They also feature USB and Ethernet interfaces as well as an intuitive LCD display.  DITEK’s UPS products provide cost-effective and reliable performance for network servers, back office computers, point-of-sale devices, and similar mission-critical equipment.


Network Switches, Injectors and Extenders – In addition to DITEK's surge protection division, DITEK Networks supplies IT professionals and security integrators with advanced networking hardware— including PoE+ network switches, extenders, and injectors; as well as Gigabit PoE+ industrial network switches designed for harsh industrial environments. All switches are able to use existing network cables and feature Green Ethernet power saving technology that deactivates unused ports and adjusts power levels. This new line gives IT professionals and security integrators a new choice for cost-efficient, easy-to-install powered networks.


For more information, please visit us at booth #8058 in Las Vegas, or online at

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