By Allan B. Colombo
From the April 2021 Issue

The need for a viable means of neutralizing bacteria and viruses is something that most facility management teams were likely less concerned about than after the novel coronavirus began to make its way from Wuhan, China to virtually every corner of the globe. At some point in 2020, it was obvious to facility managers that an effective means of disinfection was necessary on a facility-wide basis if office buildings, hospitals, grocery stores, clinics, and others were to reopen and remain so.

“Now more than ever, with this pandemic, companies around the globe are looking for ways to continue their operation, or reopen and to ensure that their employees or occupants stay healthy and safe in an environment designed with safety in mind,” says Joe Semaan, business leader, digital solutions Americas, with Signify of Somerset, NJ.

This is where germicidal UV comes into play. It adds an extra layer of disinfection beyond current protocols used by cleaning crews. Semaan says, “This is essentially an additional layer of protection that can help building occupants feel safer because UV-C is, in itself, a fast, effective way to deactivate harmful viruses on surfaces, in the air, and on objects.”

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