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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Vector Flow’s SOC Automation Suite Proven to Reduce False Alarms by Over 80% in a Few Weeks

Vector Flow’s SOC #Automation Suite Proven to Reduce False #Alarms by Over 80% in a Few Weeks | #TpromoCom #VectorFlow #SaaS | Vector Flow, Inc, the leader and innovator of AI and data-driven physical security solutions, announces that their Security Operations Center (SOC) Automation Suite is proven to reduce false and nuisance alarms by over 80% in real-world applications.

This enormous reduction in false alarms not only dramatically improves SOC efficiency and productivity, it lets SOC operators focus on real alarms and provide improved services.

Juniper Networks, a leader in networking solutions company, deployed the SOC Automation Suite and noticed a significant drop in false alarms within the first 24 hours, and within a few weeks experienced an 80% drop in the total number of false-positive and nuisance alarms. As an additional benefit from the system, Juniper Networks was also able to identify specific devices within their security system that needed adjustments or repairs.

“Vector Flow’s AI platform solves chronic false alarms problems out of the box. We didn’t have to teach it anything. It started learning from our data and started eliminating thousands of false alarms right away. This reduces our risks and costs while helping us focus on real security issues,” said Loren Hansen, CPP, CISSP, Safety/Security Technology Manager at Juniper Networks. (read more)

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