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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Maxxess Offers New HIPAA Audit Solution to Help Ensure Compliance

Maxxess Offers New #HIPAA Audit Solution to  Help Ensure Compliance | #TpromoCom #eFusion #Healthcare | Maxxess Systems, a global leader in event response management and collaboration systems, is introducing a new application for the company’s renowned eFusion Security Management Solution that supports HIPAA audits helping organizations to avoid violations during audits that may result in penalties and hefty fines (LRG).

Most access control providers do not design their security software to specifically support HIPAA audits,” said Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess. “Thus, organizations are forced to create their own custom configurations and other work-arounds in order to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. By providing a complete solution that not only helps control access to sensitive patient information, but also tracks and reports on access to that information, we help our customers stay in compliance and demonstrate that responsibility to enforcement auditors on demand.

The HIPAA Audit solution for Maxxess eFusion allows healthcare organizations to control access to several different locations, maintaining highly accurate audit trails and to help provide proof of compliance. The solution allows users to implement as many applications as they like, including Alarm Management, Video Verification, Elevator Control, Badging, Scheduling, Data Integration, eMobile Cell Phone Control, and more.

The HIPAA audit solution includes:

  • Audit Reporting Filter – filter fields include date range, timeframe, etc.
  • Cardholder Audit Report – provides which and when employees are approved access to ePHI areas, visitor access approvals and much more
  • Operator Report – contains information on hardware changes; login/logout and inactivity log out times; authorizer info, etc.

For more information, visit or email for a demonstration.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New Strategies for Smart Home Offerings

Smart home players deploy new strategies to streamline offerings and overcome consumer price sensitivity, lack of benefits, and privacy concerns 

Smart Home Tracker finds perception of high prices as a leading adoption
barrier to adoption of smart home devices

Parks Associates smart home research finds high perceived prices remain a top barrier to smart home adoption, with providers and manufacturers working to bring lower-priced products to market and discontinue specific premium products. The firm’s Smart Home Tracker finds 20.5 million, or 44% of consumers who do not own or intend to purchase a smart home device, report expensive prices as their reason to forgo adoption, followed by perceived lack of benefits and data and privacy concerns. To overcome the cost barrier, Apple is offering a smaller form factor for its HomePod, and Google is offering a new Nest thermostat with fewer features and a smaller price tag.

“Perception of high prices is a key barrier to smart home device adoption, but it is also tied to the perception among non-owners that smart home devices do not offer any benefits to the lifestyle,” Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates. “Device manufacturers in the smart home market are evaluating multiple strategies to address the leading adoption barriers. Companies are betting that getting one device in the home, even as a loss leader, will convince consumers of the value of smart home devices and inspire future purchases. Our research indicates this is a sound strategy.”

Parks Associates notes that households that own at least one smart home device have an average of seven devices. Companies such as Eufy are offering lower-priced models that retain most of the features of their higher-priced models, knowing there is a good chance that their customers will buy more products following this initial purchase.

The Smart Home Tracker, a quarterly service, also finds that as new social distancing guidelines continue to impact schools and businesses, a number of tech giants—including Facebook and Google—are incorporating video conferencing solutions into their products and systems. The percentage of US broadband households that report using video services is 54% higher than prior to the pandemic.

“One of the leading and overarching value propositions of smart home products is to improve convenience for users,” Samuels said. “Services like Zoom have become invaluable. Helping users to make video calls more conveniently increases the value of smart home devices in these times, and we expect to see additional integration around solutions like these.”

For information about the Smart Home Tracker, contact To schedule an interview with an analyst or to request specific research data, please contact Rosey Ulpino,, 972-490-1113.

New Strategies for Smart Home Offerings | #TpromoCom #SmartHome #ParksAssociates #SmartAutomation | Smart home players deploy new strategies to streamline offerings and overcome consumer price sensitivity, lack of benefits, and privacy concerns. Smart Home Tracker finds perception of high prices as a leading adoption barrier to adoption of smart home devices:

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Alexa, disarm the victim’s home security system

Alexa, disarm the victim’s home security system | #TpromoCom #Alexa #Security #Hackers | Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark Reading, explores how hacking attempts on ‘smart’ home assistants via laser pointers have raised further security concerns about the devices. (

Researchers who last year hacked popular voice assistants with laser pointers take their work to the next level.

It’s still a mystery to researchers at the University of Michigan and The University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo) – just what physically enabled them to inject commands into the embedded microphones of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other digital voice assistant devices via laser pointers.

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Monday, December 7, 2020

Is a Voice Test for COVID Coming to a Smartphone Near You?

Is a Voice Test for COVID Coming to a Smartphone Near You? | #TpromoCom #COVID19 #Smartphone #TrackTrace | The race to develop an app that provides vocal screening for COVID-19.

For anyone that has experienced a cotton swab up the nose for a COVID test, the idea of a non-invasive way to help determine whether you should visit your grandmother over the holidays probably sounds pretty good. And, if the companies that have been working on vocal biomarkers of COVID have their way, soon that may be a reality.

This past spring, several separate research reports from universities and the private sector suggested that computer-based voice analysis that looked at the sound waves created when speaking or coughing could help identify people with and without COVID. Promising early results suggested that the sound of your voice indeed held significant clues to your health status.

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