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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

DITEK Launches Expanded Versa-Module Surge Protection Solution for All Low Voltage Electronic Systems

2nd-Generation Modules Deliver Tailored, Space-Saving Protection



Largo, FL (July 13, 2021) – DITEK, the leading provider of surge protection solutions, announces the launch of a new modular surge protection solution that provides tailored multi-voltage protection for all varieties of low-voltage electronic systems. The new DTK-VM2 and DTK-VM2T Series product line offers 4, 8, and 24 channel enclosure options that accept a wide array of rapid-replacement modules designed to protect any combination of signaling, data, and low voltage power circuits from 5V up to 130V. All of the enclosures in the series accept modules equipped with either RJ45 or screw terminal connections, and all feature single point grounding for simple and fast installation and service. This unique and compact new solution simplifies implementation of comprehensive surge protection for all kinds of critical electronic systems, including surveillance, access control, fire, fuel dispensing, point-of-sale, communications, industrial controls, audio, and more. 


“The new DITEK Versa-Module 2 Series is a breakthrough in compact, customizable surge protection,” said Mike Molinari, Director of Marketing, DITEK. “Now every installation that includes low voltage signaling, data, or power can be protected with a mix of modular devices that match the specific needs of that system – with a single point ground connection that makes installation a breeze.”


The DTK-VM2W4 and DTK-VM2W8 enclosures are designed to be wall mounted, and accommodate up to 4 and 8 Versa-Module protection modules, respectively. The DTK-VM2R24 is designed to be rack-mounted, and accepts up to 24 Versa-Module protection modules. As an additional flexibility benefit, all the enclosures come with a supply of blank cover plates, and are compatible with the popular DTK-NETMS and DTK-EXTMS Ethernet, PoE and PoE Extender protection modules.


Versa-Module protection modules are available in two types, with DTK-VM2 modules featuring RJ45 connections, and DTK-VM2T modules featuring screw terminal connections. Both types can be mixed in a single housing. Protection modules are available in a wide range of voltages to cover the needs of any low-voltage system, including 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 75V, and 130V service voltages. Versa-Module protection modules feature a hybrid design utilizing both SAD and GDT technologies for high-performance protection. Any combination of protection modules can be mixed in a single housing, allowing system installers to provide appropriate electrical surge protection for every part of a system. All of the protection modules are easily field-replaceable, allowing for quick restoration of protection when needed.


DITEK Versa-Module products are made in the USA, with a 10-year limited warranty.


For more information, please contact us at 800-753-2345 or visit online at

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Looking For a Good Deal on Security and Fire Alarm Equipment?

Looking For a Good Deal on Security and Fire Alarm Equipment? | #TpromoCom #BuySell #Merchandise #Security #IntrusionAlarm #FireAlarm | On the Security & Fire Buy or Sell forum on Facebook you'll find anything and everything that spells SECURITY and FIRE!

On this buy/sell Facebook forum, more than 2,200 low-voltage professionals from across the nation list their spare goods--some of which are new and others used. A good portion of our offerings are new--excess goods from a variety of jobs across the low-voltage spectrum. Others are used, having sat on warehouse shelves until their owners decide that it's time to clean off a few shelves in their warehouses.

Here is a sample of some of the goods we now have for sale on the Security & Fire Buy or Sell Forum: 
  • Honeywell SIX series door sensors, full size not the minis. Unopened about 2 years old.
  • Brand new Ditek surge protectors
  • Brand new Securitron power supply. Unopened box
  • Brand new AL600ULACM.
  • Brand new never used 4amp, 4 fused output power supply.
  • Used and functional Altronix 4am power supply and Access Control Module 4.
  • BASE Electronics - Various Power Modules
  • Brand new, sealed Cooper Wheelock speaker splitter.
  • Brand new 1" steel door contacts with leads. Lot of 10
  • Axis explosion protected ptz camera asking for best offer. If you're close to the Houston area I will deliver.
  • Brand new in box, never used IOtega WS900-91LVZS
  • Hepacart Cabling Access Point
  • HID iCLASS SE R15 Mullion Reader Brand new, five available.
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Monday, December 21, 2020

85% of US security dealers report they provide extra services

85% of US security dealers report they provide extra services | #TpromoCom #Business #Security #Integrators | such as connected health and home network services, beyond professional monitoring

DIY, smart home, and interactive services focus of 8th annual Security Dealer Study, with research featured at CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES sessions

New security dealer research from Parks Associates shows 85% of security dealers report they provide extra services beyond professional monitoring, including video verification, PERS, cybersecurity, and independent living services. The international research firm’s annual study Home Security Dealers: View from the Front Line, now in its eighth year, provides trending data and current insights based on a survey of US dealers studying their view of the security market, competitive pressures, industry conditions, and new trends, including the addition of smart home and interactive technologies. The study reports only 15% of dealers provide no extra services beyond professional monitoring.  

“Going forward, greater emphasis will be placed on PERS and independent living services,” said Brad Russell, Research Director, Parks Associates. “The devastating impact of COVID-19 in senior living facilities ensures that more seniors will want to stay in their homes or apartments and their families want to help that happen.”

In Parks Associates’ Q2 consumer survey of 10,000 US broadband households, 24% of consumers report having completed some home improvement project during the pandemic, many of them choosing to do-it-themselves.

“This DIY trend is driving revenue growth for home improvement stores like Ace, Lowe’s, and Home Depot,” Russell said. “It also drives an increasing share of consumers choosing DIY security systems. This year’s consumer surveys show a big jump in the percentage of home security system purchases that are DIY with professional monitoring. Our dealer survey finds that this ecosystem is responding to this market shift, with 43% of traditional security dealers now offering DIY systems in addition to pro-installed.”

Additional security dealer research findings:

25% of dealers report providing fee deferments or relief to customers during COVID-19.

Professionally installed systems have declined by nearly 25% since 2017.

The sales of DIY systems have increased by nearly 60% since 2017.

Parks Associates will present this research at the upcoming CONNECTIONS™ Summit: Smart Home Growth Strategies, a CES Conference Partner taking place January 14. CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES is an annual research and industry event hosted by international research firm Parks Associates at CES. In 2021, the executive event features virtual panel discussions on the smart home, Internet of Things (IoT), connected health, and home security and automation, with trends and implications for connected consumers and opportunities for companies to build new revenues and develop innovative business models. Early sponsors include, AmTrust Financial Services, and AirTies.

To schedule an analyst interview or to request specific research data, please contact Rosey Ulpino at, 972.996.0233.