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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

China’s TikTok Collecting US Biometrics

#China’s #TikTok Collecting US #Biometrics | #TpromoCom #Privacy #NationalSecurity | China’s social media platform TikTok just changed its privacy policy to allow the collection of American biometric data, such as facial and voice recognition, and potentially fingerprint data as well.

The company, which caters to youth ages 13 to 24, can already collect prodigious amounts of information on its hapless users, including name, age, location, social media connections, filenames, and clipboard data.

Owned by Beijing’s ByteDance, the company should have been banned long ago. But it used U.S. courts to fight for access to American households, and now the Democrats are dragging their feet on passing laws or policies that bar TikTok from the United States. 

Allan B. Colombo (image)
Personal Comment:
I see my friends on Facebook and Twitter using TikTok all the time for personal things. Photos, GIF's, streaming video clips, and when I ask them if they are aware of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) connection, they say they had no idea, and they go on  using the app. It's pretty apparent to me that China poses a threat to all of us from a security standpoint. It's the job of every professional in security to be concerned with this. Are we professionals are not?  That's the question.--Al Colombo

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Join Mission 500 for the Great Las Vegas Hunt at ISC West 2021

Join Mission 500 for the Great Las Vegas Hunt at ISC West 2021 (image)

Join Mission 500 for the Great Las Vegas Hunt at ISC West 2021
| #TpromoCom #ISCWest #Mission500 #Security | This year Mission 500 is hosting a different fundraiser at ISC West to help children and families in need across the U.S. Join Mission 500 at ISC West 2021 for “The Great Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt.”

The event will be held on Tuesday, July 20 at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT at the Sands Expo Center.


“We are all looking forward to an in-person ISC West in July, which has been an important partner and venue for Mission 500 fund raising activities for over ten years. This year, as we continue to emerge from many of the pandemic restrictions that we have all been subjected to over the past year, we need to maintain some degrees of vigilance and do things differently at ISC West,” said Ken Gould, Chairman of Mission 500. “This year’s Great Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt should be a lot of fun, and we encourage our longstanding and new sponsor partners and individual supporters to participate in this event so we can continue to support children in need across the country.”


Corporate sponsorships are available for this event, with company and independently sponsored teams participating in the actual scavenger hunt. The cost to participate is $200 per team of four, while individuals can sign up for $50.


For more details on this event, please visit


Interested sponsors should contact Kathryn Robinson at

Register at


Education Is Important

Network technology has been around for quite some time Not all security techs have what it takes. You can enhance your employees' knowledge of IT by sponsoring them via Alison.
All of their courses are free.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

National Monitoring Center Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary Evolution and Growth are Built Around Putting Customers First

National Monitoring Center Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary Evolution and Growth are Built Around Putting Customers First (image)
National Monitoring Center Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary Evolution and Growth are Built Around Putting Customers First | #TpromoCom #NMC #Celebration #Monitoring | National Monitoring Center, the nation’s premier 3rd party monitoring center, proudly announces the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding.

In those years, NMC has evolved from a single 10,000 square foot facility to two fully redundant leading-edge monitoring centers located in California and Texas.


“We are thrilled and honored to have reached this milestone,” said Woodie Andrawos, President, National Monitoring Center. “Our longevity in the monitoring business is testimony to our continuing investments in technology, personnel and relationship-building. Our customers have always been our first priority, and this objective has informed every step we have taken as an organization.”


NMC was founded in June 2001, shortly before the events of 9/11 changed the country and the security industry forever. Beginning in January 2002 with their first 150 accounts operating out of California, the company continued to grow rapidly over the next several years. 2007 marked one of many significant milestones, when NMC built a second central station in Texas mirroring the California facility and allowing for full redundancy and geodiversity to better serve their customers.


Over the next several years NMC continued to update and evolve their facilities and offerings, building a new center in California in 2013 to house monitoring, support and education operations. In 2018, the company merged with Netwatch, opening up new business opportunities and bringing a vital new offering, Proactive Video Monitoring, to their customers.


In 2021, with the business having grown to hundreds of thousands of accounts, NMC continues to lead the industry in delivering monitoring services that proactively protect users while supporting business development objectives for dealers.


“This continues to be an exciting industry, with fast-moving technology that helps people and organizations maintain a lower risk profile,” said Andrawos. “We’re looking forward to our next 20 years.”

Education Is Important

Network technology has been around for quite some time Not all security techs have what it takes. You can enhance your employees' knowledge of IT by sponsoring them via Alison.
All of their courses are free.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Thomas Quante will take over as President of Bosch Building Technologies

Thomas Quante will take over as President of Bosch Building Technologies on June 1, 2021. As a member of the board, he was previously responsible for the international system integrator business as well as for the fire alarm systems business within the global product business. Quante succeeds Tanja Rueckert, who will become Chief Digital Officer of the Bosch Group on July 1, 2021.

"In the field of safety, security and building technology, we are operating in a very exciting and dynamic market environment. Due to the growing integration of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, we see enormous potential for innovative #AIoT solutions and intelligent services that provide even more energy efficiency, comfort, security and safety for our customers. I am very pleased to be playing a key role in shaping this development", explains Thomas Quante.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

San Francisco may replace some law enforcement guards at hospitals with mental health teams

San Francisco may replace some law enforcement guards at hospitals with mental health teams
| #TpromoCom #Hospital #Security #Insanity | New proposal calls for hiring more psychiatric nurses and non-sworn staff to respond to crises (SecurityInfowatch) 

The number of sheriff's deputies who guard public hospitals and clinics in San Francisco would be dramatically reduced under a plan proposed Tuesday by San Francisco health officials who want to hire more psychiatric nurses and non-sworn staff to respond to crises.

The Department of Public Health presented a plan to the Health Commission at its Tuesday meeting to drop the number of deputies from 29 to about 18 at San Francisco General and replace around seven more at Laguna Honda Hospital and four community clinics.

The department would add around 30 psychiatric nurses and technicians... (read more)

Back in the day, we use to say, "That's like taking a knife to a gunfight!"  Well, this is exactly what this new policy represents, only no one's going to even have the benefit of a knife (let's hope someone brings one from home). --Al Colombo

Education Is Important

Network technology has been around for quite some time, but not all security techs have what it takes. You can enhance your employees' knowledge of IT by sponsoring them via Alison.
All of their courses are free.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

TriTech Open New HQ Location to Support Continued Growth and Expansion

TriTech Open New HQ Location  to Support Continued Growth and Expansion
| #TpromoCom #NewLocation #Security #TriTech | TriTech, a Valuber Company and premier provider of integrated security systems and manpower in the Northeast, has opened a new expansive headquarters to support the company’s continuing growth, and new resources and services.

TriTech offers turnkey system solutions and managed services that combine to provide clients with advanced professional security services to address emerging cyber physical security challenges with customized solutions that help clients protect people, property and assets, and minimize liabilities.

“As recent events continue to document, there is a growing need to further integrate physical and cyber security along with manpower services for organizations across all verticals to best protect themselves,” said Steve Guardiani, President of TriTech. “We recognized this ‘new convergence’ some time ago as we continue to seek out and partner with software and hardware suppliers that accommodate higher levels of data driven integration, system and IoT management.”


Tritech’s new headquarters will accommodate new demonstration and meeting areas, system design and staging areas, service technicians and dispatch operations, administration personnel and product warehousing. The company’s new address and contact information is as follows:

TriTech Associates, a Valuber Company
912 Highway 33
Building 1, Suite 2
Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: 732-722-7606
Fax: 732-722-7602


For more information on TriTech, visit

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Saturday, May 1, 2021

+7 Million Security Practitioners are unleased by CAPSI (India), and ISIO (Global) on a mission.

+7 Million Security Practitioners are unleased by CAPSI (India), and ISIO (Global) on a mission | #TpromoCom #CAPSI #ISIO #COVID10 #AI | MISSION: Integrate the Security Industry into the Covid-19 mitigation process by contributing methodologies for Biological Threat Security and Standards for Compliance On the 30th of April, The Chairman of CAPSI, Mr Kunwar Vikram Singh and Director General of ISIO Juan Kirsten addressed the topic of Biological Threat Security.

Until now the health community has contributed three protocols for limiting the collateral damage of the active mutating biological threat, namely. chemical testing besides hygiene and social interaction. The health community should now take the step now by mandating the private security industry that manages the protocols on the ground using security protocols for the threat.

The private security industry is larger than many policing or military unit in most countries. The security industry personnel along with technology and equipment screen people before entering sites. The security industry actually manages and facilitates the health protocols on the ground.

It is impossible to chemical test everybody every and many times a day. The Security industry does electronically test every day and many times a day for the temperatures of people because the population pass through a security access point be it at a building or any other shelter under a roof or an open-air site.

Regarding the social interaction: the security practitioners manage the entry control to sites and therefore manages social interactions. They differ from other front-liners because they could easily manage aggressive and violent behavior. We do know that people shout and could spit into the eyes of a person out of contempt. The eyes being just as porous as the mouth could easily be an entry source of a viral transmission. This means that security practitioners handle life impacting or deadly outcomes daily.

Tailing related issues threats

The outcome of the threat is the economic meltdown. When customers avoid going to a site, the site loses money. Subsequently, by using protocols that are related to layering the manpower by skillsets along with people that have characteristics then there will be peace of mind. This method will enhance profit protection and therefore provides a stronger form of financial security of a site.

There is crime related to the threat and the outcome of the threat. By identifying and reducing the crime levels then the profit margins of the site are secured. Consequently, the more people that enter the site the more money is generated.

All the above dictates that the security sector is a vital stakeholder and contributor towards reducing the number of people or business fatalities and will provide a secure pathway for economic recovery.

This is needed because the illegal economy is growing at a phenomenal rate because transnational, locally organized and gang crime is feeding off the desperate.

Each site is different with distinct demands. There are therefore different protocols for distinct fields of interest, for example, there would be unique protocols for a rehabilitation center to a mall to a stadium. This is not a one size fits all kind-of-thing.

Methodologies and Standards

Security success for the Active Mutating Biological Threat

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground (all are decision-makers) and their reaction speed (Juan Kirsten 2018). When it comes to handling an active biological threat – reaction speed is vital.

Practitioners armed with the first of its kind ‘’Certified for Biological Threat Security (CBTS)’’ is required to site manage, train and assess all sites for the Certificate of Compliance for security covid-19 protocols(COC19).

This sets the respected standard that is required for such a threat because there is technology and equipment that is regarded as illegal in some countries besides being incorrectly installed and used haphazardly

Furthermore, the front-liners must be layered by skillsets to reduce the number of aggressive incidents that could lead to mass infections of the security practitioners besides the population in general. Also, the officers that may have a high probability of infection by interacting with aggressive situations and therefore must be using medical grade masks and their eyes must be protected by face shields or goggles.

Educating the Site Managers, Trainers and Assessors

The education must be the easiest and most effective method because reaction speed is vital. The foundation for situational awareness is well known in the security industry. All ground practitioners are trained in the concept of such. However, we have to expand the concept of situational awareness towards human awareness, equipment awareness and aggressive behaviour awareness besides cultural awareness.

All the practitioners on the ground are decision-makers whereas there should be no fear attached to the making of decisions. Reaction speed is vital when it involves an active mutating biological threat.

The Compliance Procedures considering the laws of the land in the respective location:

  • Legitimate Technology and Equipment

  • Installs and users the technology or equipment correctly

  • Manpower to be equipped and layered by skillsets besides being knowledgeable on security cv19 protocols for their field of responsibility

Protocols based on sound security principles

These CV-19 security protocols are based on intensive research which fuelled the security and operational protocol guide for managing COVID-19 in March 2020. These have been reviewed by Professor Larry Barton and Dr Rommel Manwong (Prof). This was followed by the release of booklets for COVID-19 building security protocols and housing protocols produced by Jean-Pierre Roux (MPhil) prior to starting his Doctoral (joint-PhD) research at the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Using AI

AI for Security Criminology-Risk Investigation must also address cv-19 protocol considerations when merging technology, equipment and manpower. From the incident reporting the managers can assess the flare up points and address the issues with layered and appropriate skillsets. This all must be considered because the security industry just like all others are shifting and adapting to the 4th industrial revolution.


This initiative is important because it is impossible to inoculate the entire globe within weeks. In some countries it could take still a good year to begin making impact. The point is – is that this is a mutating beast that can change shape. The security industry must have awareness of comprehending that this is an active biological threat that must be treated with the respect and addressed accordingly by using security covid-19 protocols.

Therefore, we are inviting all stakeholders to participate as territorial boundaries are not respected by the virus.
All must work together toward limiting the levels of collateral damage.

We must acknowledge those that have suffered in anyway due to the health or business impacted by these multiple threats and do thank all practitioners, technology and equipment providers along with the educators for their service.


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Friday, April 30, 2021

Does Your Physical Security System Meet Your Business Objectives?

Ensuring your physical security system adapts to your organizational expectations

Many organizations continue to rely on a traditional approach to security system maintenance which may fail to align with business goals. Learn how structuring your security service needs with measurable KPIs aligned to your business objectives can benefit your organization.

Join us May 5th at 1:00 pm CDT to hear from security experts Bert Wolff, Global Security Director with Lutron, and Rich Reidy, Security Segment Head with Siemens, as they discuss how one of the leading manufacturers of energy-saving light, shade and temperature controls is ensuring the safety of its most important assets.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Vector Flow Accelerates Growth Strategy with New Sales Executive Appointments

Vector Flow, the recently launched innovator of AI data-driven physical security solutions, announces two new hires to support the company’s rapid growth and expanding sales activities. Mr. Kyle Elliott will oversee global sales and business development as Vice President of Sales, and Mr. Jerry Kane has been appointed Director of Sales, responsible for the company’s sales channel partner strategy and revenue growth.

“Vector Flow is delighted to add these seasoned sales professionals to our growing team,” said Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO of Vector Flow. “Kyle and Jerry’s familiarity with enterprise identity, access and other physical security system technologies, and their longstanding challenges, provides the ideal foundation to support and leverage Vector Flow’s data-driven physical security platform and solutions.”  

Previously, Kyle Elliott was Vice President of HID’s Identity and Access Management Workforce solutions sales organization where he helped drive the organization’s rapid increase in market share and revenue by expanding the North American and international sales team and channel partners. Prior to HID, Kyle was North American Director of Sales with Vidsys, an SOC PSIM solutions provider. Kyle holds a BA from the University of Southern California as well as certificates from many advanced sales strategy and training accreditation programs.

Prior to joining Vector Flow, Jerry Kane was the Senior Sales Director at Vidsys, Inc., a provider of converged security and information management solutions, where he was responsible for the company’s channel and partner program in North America. Prior to Vidsys, Jerry was part of several successful startup companies including, MuleSoft, Vistascape (SIEMENS), and TIBCO software, and has over 20+ years of experience in the software industry and 15+ years in the physical security space. He holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, as well as many Computer Science certificates and accreditations.

 Vector Flow’s innovative Data-Driven Physical Security Platform is built on a foundation of advanced AI algorithms capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data from otherwise disparate security systems, data stores and input devices. The innovative solution simplifies and improves physical security operations while delivering tangible ROI and lowering TCO, enabling new levels of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). Vector Flow unifies PIAM, surveillance and security systems with alarms, event management and automated “playbook” workflows in real-time to deliver actionable insights.

For more information, visit the Vector Flow website:


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Monday, April 19, 2021

Avoid The Perils Of Parallel Security Systems With A Unified Access Control Solution

Avoid The Perils Of Parallel Security Systems With A Unified Access Control Solution
| #TpromoCom #AccessControl #Security #Integration | AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry seamlessly unifies video management and access control (facilityexecutive).

Systems that run in parallel often translate to higher costs, more labor, and more vendor interactions. 

Running in parallel tends to get complicated, and sometimes risky, especially as you get into issues like system updates and cybersecurity. And it leaves your operators feeling like they’re in a ping pong match—bouncing from one system to another and back again—as they try to keep your facility secure. (read more)
"Having a unified database means less work, less cost, and greater ROI with a relatively low time to market. In the long term, this is the best way to go," says Al Colombo, Technical Writer and former security and life-safety installer/technician. "Businesses should specify their need for a fully integrated access control system because in the long run it will save them a bundle."

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Altronix In the News: Introducing eFlow Dual Voltage Access Control Kits

Altronix Introduces New eFlow™ Dual Voltage Access Control Kits | #TpromoCom #Altronix #AccessControl #Power | Added versatility in powering locking devices – with remote power management option

Altronix Introduces New eFlow™ Dual Voltage Access Control Kits (image)
, the le
ading manufacturer of low voltage power supplies and data transmission solutions for the professional security industry, has launched an enhanced line of eFlow™ power supply/charger kits that provide 12 and 24VDC simultaneously for locking devices and peripherals. These new solutions are equipped with fused, or PTC protected outputs that are individually selectable to provide necessary power for a wide range of access control panels, door locks, ancillary devices and more!  Models also feature bi-color LEDs for instant visual voltage verification and embedded LINQ™ network power management technology, allowing users to control, monitor and report power over individual outputs.

“Our new eFlow dual voltage kits provide greater system flexibility when deploying devices with different power requirements, creating additional RMR opportunities for systems integrators,” said Ronnie Pennington, Director of Sales, Americas for Altronix Corporation. “With nine new eFlow kits available, system designers and installers can select the configuration that best meets their needs, with or without remote network power management, improving overall cost-efficiency and profitability.”

The new eFlow power supply/charger kits provide selectable 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC outputs. Additional features include:

  • Stackable sub-assemblies that save valuable space
  • Supervised fire alarm disconnect for main power output or selectable by output
  • Low power cutoff to extend the life of back-up batteries
  • Over voltage protection
  • Faster charging circuit for more up-time
  • Enclosure space to accommodate up to two 12AH/7VDC batteries

Altronix products are NDAA and TAA compliant, made in the U.S.A. and carry a lifetime warranty.

For more information on Altronix’s extensive line of products, call toll free 1-888-258-7669, e-mail or visit



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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Hybrid Event: ISC West Making Major Change In Format

ISC West moving to hybrid format | #TpromoCom #ISC #Security #Event | On the heels of tight Nevada reopening restrictions, event to offer a digital attendee option (securityinfowatch)

With uncertainty still surrounding the viability of large-scale in-person events in the United States, many security industry trade shows and conferences have been forced to adjust for the second time in as many years. 

In early March, Electronic Security Expo organizers announced it would go fully virtual, canceling its planned live June event in Louisville, Ky. Later in March, ASIS International announced its decision to convert GSX 2021, which is scheduled to take place Sept. 27-29 in Orlando, into a hybrid event featuring both in-person and online attendance options.

Read the remainder of this news story here: 

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