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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Optiview: Protecting Key Rail Infrastructure

Optiview: Protecting Key Rail Infrastructure (image)

Optiview: Protecting Key Rail Infrastructure | #TpromoCom #RailRoad #CaseStudy #Optiview | Railco had a pre-existing relationship with Optiview on the camera surveillance side and noted the outdoor weatherproof NEMA-rated enclosure line by Armorlogix that Optiview carries.

Railco reached out to Optiview to find out if we could complete Step 1: Supply Railco with a steady supply of the AL272213 weatherproof enclosures. In order to do that, Optiview was required to submit the Armorlogix NEMA 3 weatherproof enclosure for a one-year case study, where it was placed next to the incumbent enclosure by Hoffman.

After the one year case study was completed, Hoffman’s powder steel enclosure suffered heavy corrosion damage and pitting, but Armorlogix’s 1/8” thick solid 5052 aluminum enclosure was as good as new.  Step 1 passed, and Optiview began to supply enclosures to Railco. (read more)

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