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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

October is Flash Sale Month for NTC books!

Save on one, even more when you buy five or more!

National Training Center (#NTC) study #books are commonly used by #security technicians, #locksmiths, and life-safety professionals for self improvement, company education, and to prepare for examinations of all kinds. From October 6th through the 8th, save on your NTC training book purchases! | #TpromoCom

The sale applies to all the NTC training books and guides:

  • Red Book | Fire Alarm Certification Guide

  • Orange Book | Fire Codes at a Glance

  • Blue Book | Low Voltage Systems

  • Yellow Book | Video Security Systems

  • Brown Book | Fire Alarm Systems Handbook

  • Purple Book | Access Control Systems Handbook

NTC's entire lineup of training materials is top shelf and highly respected across the board. They're often adopted by states as examination references and by commercial companies as study guides for certification. For example, in the State of Florida, starting in October, 2021, the 'Blue Book' will replace two references that FL State officials have traditionally allowed into the Electrical Contractors’ License Exam. The older reference materials were written in 1992 and 1999 (See

The State of New Jersey also allows use of NTC's 'Blue Book' and 'Yellow Book' in the following state administered examinations and combinations of the same: Electronic Security System, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, and Locksmith exams.

Connecticut allows 'Blue Book' references with the following state examinations: L-5 Limited Electrical Contractor and L-6 Limited Electrical Journey-person. In addition, the State of Tennessee allows use of NTC's 'Blue Book' as a reference for their Burglar Alarm Qualifying Agent examination.

If you're facing a low-voltage examination involving security, access control, locksmithing, and life safety, all NTC training books are available at a reduced price for a limited time only! Buy one book for $125. Buy five or more for $110 each. The sale lasts from October 6th to the 8th.

To purchase NTC training books or for more information, visit NTC's Low-Voltage Library today at

About NTC

The National Training Center is the most recognized name in training for the fire protection and low-voltage industry. NTC develops and conducts training for NICET Certification, Continuing Education and career development, providing on-site classroom, online and virtual-learning opportunities.

NTC provides access to a comprehensive library of valuable resources to help industry professionals maintain and upgrade their knowledge, skills, training, and certifications. To connect with an NTC professional, call (702) 648-8899, email, or visit

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

NTC Announces the 'NICET Fire Alarm DIY Bundle' To Help Students Study and Pass A NICET Examination

NTC leads in the development of training materials for the low-voltage industry.

The training process for a NICET examination is no small matter, but the reward for successfully navigating the process is immense. Probably the most significant reward is measured in a higher hourly wage. A NICET certification also places a tech in a position where they are in demand. This is where the 'NICET Fire Alarm DIY Bundle' comes into play.

In project specifications in many states, architects routinely require that a NICET II or III technician be present on the job. In many cases a technician that gains NICET IV certification also can engineer and/or stamp a set of blueprints. National Training Center (NTC) is dedicated to assisting you in navigating a path to NICET success!

There are tried-and-true ways to study for a NICET exam that will help assure your success. According to Charles Aulner, NTC President, “Consistency in your effort to achieve NICET certification is the key. You must study a little every day. It's important that you learn HOW to use the codes rather than focusing on memorizing them.”

Recently NTC released the 'NICET Fire Alarm DIY Bundle,' which is designed to help professionals achieve the needed study time to accomplish NICET certification. This self-study package includes online training aides for any level of NICET Fire Alarm study. Included are practice exams designed to speed the student’s code identification and to gauge exam readiness. Rounding out the package are NTC’s three Fire Alarm books: the Red Book - Fire Alarm Certification Guide, Orange Book - Fire Alarm Code Handbook, and Brown Book - Fire Alarm Systems Handbook.

With a 90-day window to access online training aides, this package is a perfect solution for busy technicians and sales people that may not be able to devote hours away from work for a full training class. Between the books and online training, there is plenty of opportunity for daily study so that students can consistency prepare to pass the exam. Full details can be found at

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