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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Shadow IoT

Shadow IoT | #TpromoCom #IoT #ShadowIoT #CyberSecurity | A big security problem can become a bigger opportunity for channel pros who can detect, secure, and manage rogue smart devices connected to business networks. (James E. Gaskin

BUSINESSES HAVE STRUGGLED for decades with “shadow IT”—printers, laptops, smartphones, cloud services, and more being installed or subscribed to by users without permission or knowledge of an IT admin. In that same vein, users are now connecting smart devices of various kinds to the corporate network, giving rise to the term “shadow IoT.”

It’s a much bigger problem too, according to Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research, "because the scope has broadened. Things you never would have connected before are now connecting." As an example, he cites the Target breach from a few years ago. "The AC system was compromised, and it was on the same network as the point-of-sale system." When the hackers went through the AC system to the POS server, red flags theoretically should have gone up and the AC system should have been immediately quarantined.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

IoT Makes Fire Detection Systems Smarter

IoT Makes Fire Detection Systems Smarter | #TpromoCom #IoT #FireAlarm | A combination of cloud computing, sensors, and an IoT gateway provide valuable intelligence for firefighters before they get to an emergency.

For years, first responders relied on paper maps to reach a fire in an apartment building or office. Incomplete information would delay firefighters from arriving at an emergency, and false alarms would set them on the wrong path altogether. Dispatchers in 911 centers would receive erroneous information on a problem with a smoke detector rather than a sprinkler switch.

“It gets to the point where you don't even trust the data,” said Dick Bauer, fire chief for the Killingworth Volunteer Fire Company in Killingworth, Connecticut.

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Verdafero Expands SaaS Data Analytical Platform to Include IoT 
| #Verdafero #IoT #Security | Verdafero Inc., a provider of cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service), announced the expansion of its analytical service to include IoT sensors and related services. Learn more:

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Next Evolution of Health IoT: Moving to the Edge

Next Evolution of Health IoT: Moving to the Edge | #TpromoCom #TeleHealth | Evolutions in computing and connectivity are driving new developments in the #health #IoT space

Connectivity is necessary in order to gather data from devices, both in patients’ homes and in healthcare settings. However, it is not enough to simply receive the data – the value of data lies in its interpretation and use.

This whitepaper discusses how companies can unlock the value of their health device data via the use of edge computing, machine learning, and health flexible IoT platforms.

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Verdafero Simplifies Environmental Monitoring

Verdafero Simplifies Environmental Monitoring | #Verdafero #Utilities #IoT #Integrators | The need for real-time monitoring of environmental elements--such as water  level, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and others--is fundamental in a variety of applications. This includes industrial manufacturing, water control, energy conservation, museums involving delicate objects of antiquity, and many more.

Verdafero offers the means whereby System Integrators can easily monitor any number of conditions through IoT (Internet of Things) devices that collectively connect to one or more Dataloggers. The Datalogger, in turn, sends detailed time-sensitive data from each device to Verdafero's  Cloud-based analytical SaaS for careful monitoring. 

In short, what happens is Verdafero's processing center, using machine-learning, establishes what is "normal" so when something goes awry, the high-level, high-speed processing computers know about it. An alert is then sent to a security integrator's Central Monitoring Station (CMS) who in turn will act according to a predetermined menu of priorities, much as they already do for commercial clients with respect to video verification and general burglar and access control functions. 

Utility Monitoring

Another benefit of Verdafero's IoT Cloud-based SaaS is the ability to track energy usage on a Client's monthly basis, even real-time if needed. 

For example, using Verdafero, management of the Hilton Concord, a hotel located in the suburban community of Concord in the East Bay of San Francisco,  now has the ability to track, analyze and report on all of the hotel’s overhead utility expenses at the touch of a button. 

"Analyzing large amounts of electric, gas, water, waste data and Carbon Footprint for a large hospitality property on a monthly basis can be very challenging. Individual utilities have inconsistent billing periods and operate on varying billing cycles further complicating the reporting process. Add into the equation different utility providers supplying the same resource, it becomes an even greater challenge" ( 

Another example is the need to monitor the quality and quantity of electrical energy that feeds a  high-priced machine in manufacturing. By using Verdafero's SaaS, it's possible to detect problems well ahead of an actual breakdown, thus saving the client money in additional costly repairs. This allows the client to determine when it's the best time to disrupt production for routine maintenance.

To learn more about Verdafero's Cloud-based analytical processing service, download "Monitoring Utilities and IoT," available here: 

Friday, November 27, 2020


MONITORING UTILITIES AND IoT | #Verdafero #BigData #IoT #Monitoring | Verdafero, a leading provider of a Cloud-based, IoT and Utility Monitoring & Analytics, in conjunction with a traditional Central Monitoring Station (CMS), can provide real-time monitoring, including all the hands-on, personal care that the security industry is accustom to providing. 

Whether there's a deviation from “normal” with regards to temperature, humidity, fuel oil usage, or electrical quality, Verdafero will work through your customary CMS, in addition to pushing the data out via a subscriber's mobile devices.

What makes Verdafero different than your regular CMS is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to collect and analyze multiple streams of IoT data (Big Data) as it flows from a client's commercial or industrial facility. 

Download Verdafero's latest white paper: Click Here