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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The New DICE Adds Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Solution to Matrix Interactive

The New #DICE Adds #Calipsa’s False Alarm Filtering Solution to Matrix Interactive | #TpromoCom #FalseAlarm #Monitoring #MatrixInteractive | DICE is pleased to announce Calipsa’s false alarm filtering solution is now integrated with Matrix Interactive.

While the two companies both offer video analytics, the integration provides central stations and integrators that are already using Calipsa’s solution with the option to add advanced interactive and video services from Matrix Interactive. It will also allow DICE users to benefit from Calipsa’s leading AI technology.

With an open and generic platform developed by the New DICE, the integration works with any monitoring automation software and is an opportunity to add value for monitoring stations or command centers in a corporate, education or healthcare venue.

Calipsa’s analytics software for video surveillance uses deep learning algorithms to filter out false alarms caused by anything from a change in lighting to a spider’s web across a lens, with a false alarm reduction rate of 95%.

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Matrix Interactive offers central stations and command centers a video event monitoring, surveillance, and alarm notification suite for any video system that is accessible from any location, at any time. The unified platform provides services such as video verification, remote guarding, virtual guard tours, and virtual doorman – all using advanced video analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud recording of events.

With an overabundance of cameras and recorded video, the security industry is seeing a greater rise in video monitoring. By integrating Matrix Interactive with Calipsa, monitoring stations and command centers will now have the opportunity to add new levels of security into their monitoring operations.

For instance, with Matrix Interactive’s verified automated scheduled video tours, the platform analyzes, understands, and prioritizes the video stream in real time. If nothing is detected during the tour, there is no need for operator intervention. The priority level determines if the video is sent to an end user, a central station operator, and/or is recorded.

The Matrix platform also offers a unique new multi-camera video quick search feature that can instantly search through multiple cameras for an event rather than camera by camera.

X-Sense Smoke Alarms SC07

Central stations and command centers can begin with an entry-level package at a minimal investment that provides fast ROI, and then add more cameras, services, and modules when ready.

"The New DICE is a fantastic partner and integrating Calipsa’s analytics into the Matrix platform offers us great potential in all the markets we serve,” said Brian Baker, Chief Revenue Officer at Calipsa. “Matrix Interactive will allow Calipsa users to not only benefit from our 95% false alarm reduction but will also add its own additional features to further enhance security standards. This partnership is a significant step in defining our footprint in the central station and command center market.” 

“DICE is continuing to partner and integrate with the top industry solutions, and we are proud to partner with Calipsa,” said The New DICE Corporation Co-President Avi Lupo. “We spoke with many Calipsa customers who are very happy with Calipsa but were looking for a seamless integration with Matrix Interactive to take advantage of its advanced video features and services, in addition to the Calipsa analytics.” 

For more information on the New DICE and Matrix Interactive, visit or call 989-891-2800. For more information on Calipsa, visit or call 202-643-5573.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

DICE Corporation Achieves New Level of Redundancy with Active-Active Data Center

DICE Corporation Achieves New Level of Redundancy with Active-Active Data Center
| #TpromoCom #DataCenter #Data #UL827A | DICE Corporation is pleased to announce the transition of its second UL 827A data center to an active-active state for signal processing in the security industry this week.    

Both DICE active-active data centers are located in the United States and are separated geographically to meet life safety UL standards. For additional redundancy, the data centers are powered by two different electrical power companies in addition to generators, battery backup, and other power technologies. Multiple ISP feeds from various carrier groups, including DICE’s sister company IPtelX, are also connected to the sites. 

The key difference between active-active and active-passive data centers is in their function. Active-active centers in this case mean that signals are sent to both data centers actively and both centers process the data. In an active-passive setup, the backup data center only receives the signal in case of failure at the primary site.  

Prior to moving to an active-active state, DICE operated its second data center as a passive center to back up its main center. Because of the IPtelX partnership, DICE has control over the carrier switches and software, actively controlling the flow of signals to each center. 

“One of the biggest advantages of this achievement is that it allows us to actively run our backup equipment, rather than in reaction to a possible center failure,” says DICE Corporation President and CEO Cliff Dice. “Load balancing alarm signals across multiple centers is very difficult for any provider in the alarm industry. In fact, most alarm companies have issues moving signals from center to center. However, because our sister company is a carrier, we have made changes in the telecom infrastructure to accomplish this between our UL data centers.” 

For more information about the New DICE Corporation and our data centers, visit or call (989) 891-2800.  

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