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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

White Hats Initiate Cyber Security Plan at ROOTCON15

Ethical #hackers unite against #cyber threats, create roadmap for PH cyber defense | #TpromoCom #CyberDefense #WhiteHats | With cybercrime one of the biggest immediate threats facing companies today, one of the effective yet little-known methods that can counter their assaults is the engagement of white hat or ethical hackers.

This unique strategy was highlighted in ROOTCON15, the longest-running and premier hacking conference in the Philippines, which recently held a webinar where leaders in the field and knowledge partners from the private sector discussed various issues related to cybersecurity for the Philippines as seen from the perspective of white hat hackers.

During the discussion, DevNull, goon at Rootcon, expressed that... 

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Monday, August 16, 2021

Morse Code Used by Hackers in Phishing Attacks

#Hackers Spotted Using Morse Code in #Phishing Attacks to Evade Detection
| #TpromoCom #CyberSecurity #CyberCrime | Microsoft has disclosed details of an evasive year-long social engineering campaign wherein the operators kept changing their obfuscation and encryption mechanisms every 37 days on average, including relying on Morse code, in an attempt to cover their tracks and surreptitiously harvest user credentials.

The phishing attacks take the form of invoice-themed lures mimicking financial-related business transactions, with the emails containing an HTML file ("XLS.HTML"). 

The ultimate objective is to... (read more)

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Monday, August 9, 2021

3 hackers held for hacking Shwapno’s system

3 hackers held for hacking Shwapno’s system Staff Correspondent | Published: 20:27, Aug 08,2021 (image)

3 #hackers held for #hacking Shwapno’s system | #TpromoCom #CyberSecurity #CyberCrime | The police on Saturday night arrested three members of a hackers’ group who hacked the digital system of Shwapno and generated illegal digital vouchers worth Tk 18 lakh, said a press release.

The arrested are M Nasimul Islam, Rehanur Hasan Rashed and Raisul Islam. 

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit chief and additional police commissioner M Asaduzzaman disclosed the information of their arrests at a press conference on Sunday. (read more)

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

US Gov Offers $10 Million for Info on Foreign Hackers

US Gov Offers $10 Million for Info on Foreign #Hackers
| #TpromoCom #Hacker #CyberSecurity #Ransomware | The U.S. government has announced new initiatives aimed at combating ransomware and other cyber threats, including a new website and significant rewards for information on foreign hackers (securityweek).

The new website,, is designed to serve as a central hub that consolidates ransomware resources from all government agencies, including CISA, the FBI, the Secret Service, NIST, the Department of Treasury, and the HHS. Its goal is to provide useful resources for individuals, businesses and other organizations. provides information on what to do if you have been hit by ransomware, avoiding ransomware, and reporting cyber incidents to authorities. It also hosts ransomware alerts and statements from... (read more)

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Monday, March 29, 2021

So What Makes a Hacker Tick?

Understanding The Psyche Of A Modern-day #Hacker
| #TpromoCom #Hacker #CyberCrime #CyberSecurity | Every cyberattack varies in cause and damage. Despite this, they all contain key components that are applicable to both external and insider threats (informationsecuritybuzz).

The tried and tested formula involves cyberattackers finding a way in, navigating the system, extracting information, and then exiting and covering their tracks. Learning these steps to understand the journey cyberattackers take will help you better protect your organisation from these kinds of attacks. 

You can read the reset of this article here: 

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Microsoft cyber-attack turns into global crisis

Microsoft cyber-attack turns into global crisis | #TpromoCom #CyberSecurity #CyberAttack | In this edition, we tell you more about the vast cyber-attack on Microsoft Exchange. What started as an alleged state-sponsored attack is quickly becoming a global crisis, claiming at least 60,000 victims worldwide, mainly small and medium-sized businesses (france24).

Several days ago, Microsoft was targeted by a massive cyber-attack. Allegedly, it all began as a Chinese state-sponsored espionage attack against specific individuals using vulnerabilities in its email software. But now, it has escalated into a devastating global hacking scheme as criminal groups rush to compromise victims before they have time to secure their systems.

We ask Adrien Gendre, associate director at Vade Secure, to tell us more about the attack and what the hackers are hunting for. (read more)

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Monday, February 22, 2021

China Hijacked an NSA Hacking Tool in 2014—and Used It for Years

China Hijacked an NSA Hacking Tool in 2014—and Used It for Years | #TpromoCom #ShadowBrothers #CyberSecurityt #CCP | The #hackers used the agency’s EpMe exploit to attack Windows devices years before the Shadow Brokers leaked the agency’s zero-day arsenal online (wired).

MORE THAN FOUR years after a mysterious group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers began wantonly leaking secret NSA hacking tools onto the internet, the question that debacle raised—whether any intelligence agency can prevent its "zero-day" stockpile from falling into the wrong hands—still haunts the security community. 

That wound has now been reopened, with evidence that Chinese hackers obtained and reused another NSA hacking tool years before the Shadow Brokers brought it to light. (read more)

Editorial Comment:
As business people, we must take inventory of our situation in order to take advantage of every advantage. Now that Joe Biden is president, considering his recent comments upselling the value of the CCP to the American way of life, it's more important than ever to remember the things we learned over the past four years concerning China's aspiration for global dominance. We must take this in consideration when making decisions that are integral to the success or failure of our businesses and our nation. --Al Colombo

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Monday, February 1, 2021

How the Best Hackers Learn Their Craft

How the Best #Hackers Learn Their Craft
 | #TpromoCom #CyberSecurity | Do you want to know how to build a top-ranked competitive hacking team?

It's all about the system. In sports, we understand systems that coaches can use to build a system for identifying talent, recruiting them, training them up, and competing in big games. Learn our proven system for building an elite team of hackers that win DEFCON. It's surprisingly easy, but not what you'd think.

Watch this informative webinar now...

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Integrators: Beware More Supply Chain Cyber Attacks

Integrators: Beware More Supply Chain Cyber Attacks
| #TpromoCom #SolarWinds #Hacker #Hackers #CyberSecurity | The SolarWinds hack is an example of a supply chain attack that integrators and AV software companies need to defend against.

The recent news of a large-scale attack on the part of a foreign government utilizing popular network monitoring tools should have integrators questioning the security of the remote monitoring tools they use.

U.S. government officials, cybersecurity experts and tech giants are working around the clock to uncover more evidence and possibly other supply chain attack vectors after IT software company SolarWinds disclosed that versions of its popular Orion product was compromised by foreign cyber actors.

Read the remainder of this Commercial Integrator news story here: