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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

China’s TikTok Collecting US Biometrics

#China’s #TikTok Collecting US #Biometrics | #TpromoCom #Privacy #NationalSecurity | China’s social media platform TikTok just changed its privacy policy to allow the collection of American biometric data, such as facial and voice recognition, and potentially fingerprint data as well.

The company, which caters to youth ages 13 to 24, can already collect prodigious amounts of information on its hapless users, including name, age, location, social media connections, filenames, and clipboard data.

Owned by Beijing’s ByteDance, the company should have been banned long ago. But it used U.S. courts to fight for access to American households, and now the Democrats are dragging their feet on passing laws or policies that bar TikTok from the United States. 

Allan B. Colombo (image)
Personal Comment:
I see my friends on Facebook and Twitter using TikTok all the time for personal things. Photos, GIF's, streaming video clips, and when I ask them if they are aware of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) connection, they say they had no idea, and they go on  using the app. It's pretty apparent to me that China poses a threat to all of us from a security standpoint. It's the job of every professional in security to be concerned with this. Are we professionals are not?  That's the question.--Al Colombo

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