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Friday, May 14, 2021

Amazon is not Slowing Down in the Smart Home Space

Amazon is not Slowing Down in the Smart Home Space | #TpromoCom #Amazon #HomeAutomation #SmartHome | Following the plethora of smart home announcements showcased at CES earlier this year, the smart home space continues to see a lot of activity in the first half of 2021, particularly in product and user-interface innovation.

Amazon, in particular, announced new products, added new features to existing devices, and continued its efforts to expand product capabilities and provide additional value and features for its Ring and Echo users. 

Ring introduced a trio of outdoor smart home security devices. The new outdoor siren and wall lights are consistent with Ring’s home security strategy, which is centered on crime deterrence. Ring also debuted a new $60 video doorbell, the company’s cheapest video doorbell yet. With lower-priced products becoming increasingly available in the competitive smart home market, Ring is also taking measures to improve the value of its existing products. The company introduced a Smart Responses feature powered by Alexa for its video doorbells and announced the long-awaited Geofence feature for all Ring camera devices. By adding these additional features to its already successful products, Ring is continuing to assert its dominance and competitiveness of its devices in the market. (read more

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

ADT Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Amazon's Ring Security Brand

#ADT Files #Trademark #Lawsuit Against Amazon’s #Ring Security Brand
 | #TpromoCom | ADT asserts that Amazon Ring willfully infringed on the company’s blue octagon design for stickers and yard signs, creating brand recognition and customer confusion issues.

According to recent court filings in the southern district of Florida, ADT has filed a willful trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit against Amazon’s Ring brand of security products and services. 

The court proceedings come as a result of ADT noticing Ring’s use of the company’s famous blue octagon mark, which is protected under numerous federal trademark registrations. (read more)
It would appear that Ring didn't do their homework on ADT and it's past defensive strategy. Back in the day, anyone who fashioned a yard sign or decal even remotely similar to ADT's design ran the risk of being drawn into court, and many were. In response to the yard sign, in my personal opinion, a door bell camera is not a security system. --Al Colombo

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