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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Card-Based Electronic Access Control Systems Market 2021 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast

Global Banking and Finance Review (logo/image)

Card-Based Electronic Access Control Systems Market 2021 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast | #TpromoCom #AccessControl #Marketing #MarketReport | Future Market Insights has recently published a market research report on Global Card-Based Electronic Access Control Systems market (globalbankingandfinance).

With the onset of COVID-19, there has been a significant impact on the technology sector. Disruptions of electronic supply-value chain and raw material supply have adversely impacted the technology industry. 

However, there has been a positive impact on the industry with the adoption of remote working. Rapid focus on integrating digital techniques and big data analytics in IT services and technology industry are expected to result in a healthy outlook. (read more)

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Bitdefender 2020 300x250

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


GERMANY’S “THE CUBE” EMBRACES SUSTAINABILITY WITH BOON EDAM REVOLVING DOORS | #TpromoCom #Security #DoorHardware #AccessControl | Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that The Cube, a smart commercial building in downtown Berlin, Germany, has installed four Crystal TQ all-glass revolving doors at various entrances around the facility to save on energy consumption and blend in with the glass facade (LRG Marketing).

The brainchild of 3XN Architects, The Cube is an architectural masterpiece and iconic landmark that showcases the most cutting-edge, smart technologies and embraces design and sustainability.

A Commercial Office “Work of Art”

Built on both sides of Berlin Central Station in the emerging urban district of the Europacity, The Cube was the vision of architects and designers at 3XN with the goal of creating a commercial building that could make a statement in an innovative and show-stopping way. The cubic office building has an all-glass, mirrored facade, with multiple bends in the glass to create facets. The facility is 10-stories high and houses various tenants, offering features such as a ground-level food market and office lobby, underground parking, indoor gardens, a rooftop terrace, and optional conference areas. The floor-to-ceiling windows throughout provide abundant natural light and ventilation.

In an interview with, Torben Ƙstergaard, a 3XN partner in charge of the project, said, "When we began the design process, our ambition was to create a building that would contribute to the animation of the square. We wanted to engage pedestrians passing by while providing top-notch office spaces. We also wanted this project to offer new value to the Berlin skyline while exploring new ways for buildings to interact with their surroundings. Given the location conditions, we proposed a sculpted design approach that would reflect the site's scale and honor its character as an important public space."

Upgraded Revolving Door Entrances to Support Sustainability

Boon Edam was commissioned to install four Crystal TQ manual revolving doors to further complement the energy-conscious philosophy of The Cube. Revolving doors operate under the principle of “always open, yet always closed,” maintaining a constant seal between the exterior environment and interior building lobby. The Crystal TQ manual revolving door is constructed from virtually all glass with only the most minimal stainless-steel components to support the glass drum and door wings. For decades, it has been one of the first choices for both contemporary statement buildings and historical buildings alike. The door is available in 3- or 4-wing configurations and is easy for the public to push through. Go to: security entrances and architectural revolving doors.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Tracie Thomas, Boon Edam
Vice President of Marketing
T 910 814 8239

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Openpath Offers Card Reader with Camera -- Improves Security at the Door

#Openpath Offers Card Reader with #Camera -- Improves #Security at the Door | #TpromoCom #SSI #AccessControl | New Pro Series Video Readers Boast Sleek Design, High-Quality Video, an Abundance of Features and Universal Compatibility (prnewswire).

Openpath, a leader in touchless, modern access control and workplace safety automation, today announces new Pro Series Video Readers with sleek hardware, touchless unlock, remote management capabilities and high-quality video to enhance security, starting right at the door.

By adding a camera right on the reader, Openpath's Video Reader Pro attaches visual verification to every access event from the vantage point of exactly where the event occurred; at the door. Combining video with access logs gives security teams the full story of events throughout the day and allows them to see what's happening outside the entrance in real-time, plus up to 180 days of cloud storage viewable in the Openpath mobile app for historical access. The high-quality video feed is also optimized for mobile with remote features on any device, allowing security administrators to quickly and easily take the necessary actions, such as granting remote guest access, activating Lockdown capabilities, diagnosing automated alerts, or informing on-site personnel to a specific situation that may require immediate attention.

Openpath's cloud-based Video Readers provide enterprise-grade security with double encryption and are built on open standards software for unlimited flexibility, which leaves capacity to run additional apps and rich integrations like facial authentication in the future. Powered by Openpath's security platform, the Pro Series Video Readers are ideal for organizations who want a touchless, convenient, secure security solution with visual verification to enhance safety, and remote management capabilities for hybrid and remote employees. It serves as an excellent compliment to any existing video surveillance system, offering a close-up, eye-level view of what is happening right at the front door or can work in isolation, offering video footage context to any motion activated or access event as users are coming or going.

Carrying on the award-winning design legacy of Openpath's original flagship readers, the new Video Readers have a sleek, modern look that compliments and elevates any building aesthetic. The unparalleled "Wave To Unlock" user experience Openpath provides is designed to reduce friction in the workplace and is unlike anything else on the market, which has contributed significantly to Openpath's explosive growth over recent years. The hardware fits easily on any door frame and with its multiple mounting options, it can be angled for optimum video placement and is weather-proofed for both indoor and outdoor requirements.

"As a long time partner of Openpath, we continue to be impressed with the level of innovation and market disruption they deliver. Their new Pro Series of Video Readers is proof positive that Openpath is the disruptor in the Access Control market and we at Lincoln Property Company are excited to add this new capability to our buildings," said Eric Roseman, Vice President of Innovation & Technology, Lincoln Property Company.

"Very recently, we've witnessed an exciting wave of technology and investment hitting the commercial security industry and setting new standards for innovation, safety and user experience," said Dayann Charles, Industry Analyst at Verdantix. "User-centric solution vendors such as Openpath are reinventing the security market, propelling a surge of functional innovations which continue to drive up the value delivered by security and access control building solutions. Openpath's new card reader offering with a built-in camera, for installation at entry doors, is another indicator of this perpetual innovation in this space, with Openpath in the leading pack."

"The way that we use and occupy commercial buildings and office spaces has changed significantly in recent years, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to security anymore. With the introduction of our new Pro Series Video Readers, we're excited to add video to the many solutions we offer to help organizations of all types and sizes strengthen their security posture for the New Normal and whatever comes next," said James Segil, President and Co-Founder of Openpath.

For more information and purchasing, please visit our website: 


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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Boon Edam’s New Mapping Tool Enables Long-Term Entrance Planning

Boon Edam’s New Mapping Tool Enables Long-Term Entrance Planning | #TpromoCom #AccessControl #DoorHardware #Security | BoonSelect is a decision tool that breaks down the complex and important decisions around securing facilities from intrusion at the entry.

Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced a new solution mapping tool, BoonSelect, that breaks down the complex entry selection process and helps decision makers choose the right entrance solutions for their unique goals. BoonSelect features seven factors to consider prior to making an entrance decision. Boon Edam entry experts are trained on the right questions to ask as they walk a decision maker through each of the factors – all with the goal of helping their clients make the most well-rounded entrance choice.

Determining the Right Security Entrances for the Right Places

Being responsible for making the decision to implement new security turnstiles or revolving doors at a facility can be a challenge. Security and Facility Managers are responsible for the safety and security of all who enter a campus or facility via its entrances. And each entrance location has a different set of users, traffic levels, security requirements, environmental requirements, etc. BoonSelect formalizes the selection process, providing clarity, peace of mind and confidence in an investment that can last ten or more years.

 Seven Entrance Decision Factors

BoonSelect outlines seven decision factors to be considered prior to an entrance implementation strategy:
1. Throughput – Types of users and number of users, especially at peak traffic periods?
2. Security – Tailgating deterrence, detection or prevention? Remote locking?
3. Safety – Local codes and fire or evacuation strategies?
4. Aesthetics – Entrances blend in or stand out?
5. Technology – Integration capabilities with new or future technologies?
6. Comfort – Ease of use? Energy efficiency?
7. Service – Planned preventative maintenance and user training?
“BoonSelect is an efficient driver for starting productive conversations that our customers appreciate,” said JC Powell, Vice President of Sales at Boon Edam Inc. “A client will often ask for an entrance solution that does not meet the overall security goals or traffic requirements of their facility. BoonSelect helps all the stakeholders explore what they don’t know and think about their overall risk posture, and eventually come to the best entrance decision for their unique facility or campus.”

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Looking For a Good Deal on Security and Fire Alarm Equipment?

Looking For a Good Deal on Security and Fire Alarm Equipment? | #TpromoCom #BuySell #Merchandise #Security #IntrusionAlarm #FireAlarm | On the Security & Fire Buy or Sell forum on Facebook you'll find anything and everything that spells SECURITY and FIRE!

On this buy/sell Facebook forum, more than 2,200 low-voltage professionals from across the nation list their spare goods--some of which are new and others used. A good portion of our offerings are new--excess goods from a variety of jobs across the low-voltage spectrum. Others are used, having sat on warehouse shelves until their owners decide that it's time to clean off a few shelves in their warehouses.

Here is a sample of some of the goods we now have for sale on the Security & Fire Buy or Sell Forum: 
  • Honeywell SIX series door sensors, full size not the minis. Unopened about 2 years old.
  • Brand new Ditek surge protectors
  • Brand new Securitron power supply. Unopened box
  • Brand new AL600ULACM.
  • Brand new never used 4amp, 4 fused output power supply.
  • Used and functional Altronix 4am power supply and Access Control Module 4.
  • BASE Electronics - Various Power Modules
  • Brand new, sealed Cooper Wheelock speaker splitter.
  • Brand new 1" steel door contacts with leads. Lot of 10
  • Axis explosion protected ptz camera asking for best offer. If you're close to the Houston area I will deliver.
  • Brand new in box, never used IOtega WS900-91LVZS
  • Hepacart Cabling Access Point
  • HID iCLASS SE R15 Mullion Reader Brand new, five available.
And much, much more! Check it all out here! Click Here!

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Reduce TCO with Power and Data Transmission Remote Functionality

Reduce TCO with Power and Data Transmission Remote Functionality | #TpromoCom #Altronix #Power #LowVoltage | Today’s power solutions are a far cry from conventional power products that have been the mainstay for years.

With the addition of network communications now available in foundation power and data transmission products, systems designers and integrators can Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while providing higher levels of integration that enable remote monitoring, diagnostics and control.

Reducing TCO with Remote Functionality for Power and Data Transmission Solutions

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Avoid The Perils Of Parallel Security Systems With A Unified Access Control Solution

Avoid The Perils Of Parallel Security Systems With A Unified Access Control Solution
| #TpromoCom #AccessControl #Security #Integration | AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry seamlessly unifies video management and access control (facilityexecutive).

Systems that run in parallel often translate to higher costs, more labor, and more vendor interactions. 

Running in parallel tends to get complicated, and sometimes risky, especially as you get into issues like system updates and cybersecurity. And it leaves your operators feeling like they’re in a ping pong match—bouncing from one system to another and back again—as they try to keep your facility secure. (read more)
"Having a unified database means less work, less cost, and greater ROI with a relatively low time to market. In the long term, this is the best way to go," says Al Colombo, Technical Writer and former security and life-safety installer/technician. "Businesses should specify their need for a fully integrated access control system because in the long run it will save them a bundle."

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Easily configure your Altronix Trove solution

Altronix Trove™ access and power integration solutions easily combine Altronix power and accessories with access controllers available from the industry’s leading manufacturers. A variety of backplanes offer a wide range of scalable access and power configurations. This solution simplifies board layout and wire management, while reducing installation and labor costs. Customize your access control with Trove.

Customize Trove Now

Learn How

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Altronix In the News: Introducing eFlow Dual Voltage Access Control Kits

Altronix Introduces New eFlow™ Dual Voltage Access Control Kits | #TpromoCom #Altronix #AccessControl #Power | Added versatility in powering locking devices – with remote power management option

Altronix Introduces New eFlow™ Dual Voltage Access Control Kits (image)
, the le
ading manufacturer of low voltage power supplies and data transmission solutions for the professional security industry, has launched an enhanced line of eFlow™ power supply/charger kits that provide 12 and 24VDC simultaneously for locking devices and peripherals. These new solutions are equipped with fused, or PTC protected outputs that are individually selectable to provide necessary power for a wide range of access control panels, door locks, ancillary devices and more!  Models also feature bi-color LEDs for instant visual voltage verification and embedded LINQ™ network power management technology, allowing users to control, monitor and report power over individual outputs.

“Our new eFlow dual voltage kits provide greater system flexibility when deploying devices with different power requirements, creating additional RMR opportunities for systems integrators,” said Ronnie Pennington, Director of Sales, Americas for Altronix Corporation. “With nine new eFlow kits available, system designers and installers can select the configuration that best meets their needs, with or without remote network power management, improving overall cost-efficiency and profitability.”

The new eFlow power supply/charger kits provide selectable 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC outputs. Additional features include:

  • Stackable sub-assemblies that save valuable space
  • Supervised fire alarm disconnect for main power output or selectable by output
  • Low power cutoff to extend the life of back-up batteries
  • Over voltage protection
  • Faster charging circuit for more up-time
  • Enclosure space to accommodate up to two 12AH/7VDC batteries

Altronix products are NDAA and TAA compliant, made in the U.S.A. and carry a lifetime warranty.

For more information on Altronix’s extensive line of products, call toll free 1-888-258-7669, e-mail or visit



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Friday, April 9, 2021

The State of Access Control After 2020 With An Eye Ahead

State of the Market: Access Control
| #TpromoCom #AccessControl | The world of access control is changing fast, and for those who can keep up, the future is bright. (SDM)

It’s amazing how much can change in a year. Last year’s state of the market report on access control was released at the beginning of April, just as the coronavirus started to spread throughout the U.S., and much of the research that went into the report was done before COVID-19 was a real concern.

And though 2020 certainly brought a lot of uncertainty, it did not have the negative impact on the access control market that many may have expected. (read more)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Goode forecasts biometrics on 1 in 5 payment cards by 2026

Goode forecasts biometrics on 1 in 5 payment cards by 2026  
| #TpromoCom #Biometrics #Digitize #Security #Financial | Idex and Zwipe partnerships paying off (biometricupdate).

Technology challenges and the pandemic have combined to push the biometric payment card market back by two to three years, according to the latest forecast from 
Goode Intelligence. 

Despite the delay, up to 2.9 million cards with fingerprint sensors could be shipped this year, the new report says, and at least one in five payment cards shipped in 2026 will have an embedded biometric sensor.

To read the remainder of this news report, click here!                                    

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Vector Flow Ushers in New Era of Data-Driven Physical Security Automation and Intelligence

Vector Flow Ushers in New Era of Data-Driven Physical Security Automation and Intelligence | #TpromoCom | Industry’s First AI-Powered Platform Automates Key Physical Security Processes (lrg)

In its formal debut to the physical and cyber-physical security market today, Vector Flow launches the industry’s first AI-powered, data-centric Physical Security Automation Platform and also announces its Series A funding of $9.2M from Silicon Valley’s premium venture firms, led by Mayfield Fund with participation from Foundation Capital. Vector Flow’s security platform derives intelligence from physical security data by creating domain specific AI and data-centric models to automate major security functions related to Physical Identity and Access Operations, SOC Automation and Cyber-Physical Security defense.

“As a people first investor, I was impressed by the innovation and rigor that repeat entrepreneurs Ajay and Vik brought to solving the physical cyber security problem for enterprises,” said Navin Chaddha, Mayfield Managing Director and Vector Flow board member. “By delivering the industry’s first AI-powered physical security automation platform, Vector Flow is solving a big and critical problem, that is protecting CEOs from personal liability for cyber-physical security incidents, something that Gartner has predicted could affect 75% of CEOs by 2024. I look forward to watching Vector Flow grow into a leader who delivers ROI and peace of mind to enterprises.”

“Vector Flow fills a tremendous void in the physical and cyber-physical security space with the industry’s first powerful and innovative AI-enabled platform that aggregates both structured and unstructured data from myriad systems, devices, logs, and journals. The platform performs real-time analysis to detect anomalies, trends and KPIs, and provides actionable insights, automated remedies and processes,” said Ajay Jain, President & CEO of Vector Flow, Inc. “Physical security industry is plagued with legacy disjointed applications, independent hardware, data stores and custom scripts that work in silo creating inefficiencies and security gaps. A benchmark in data-driven security intelligence, the Vector Flow platform enables new levels of automation driving operational efficiencies and significantly reducing corporate risks and costs. In the post pandemic era, the current human-laden physical security world will quickly adopt digital transformation, touchless, and autonomous operations to rely on data to streamline operational processes and fill security gaps.”

The Vector Flow platform is built on a foundation of advanced AI algorithms capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data from otherwise disparate security systems, data stores and input devices. The platform comes with application designer studio and a workbench which can be used by the customer and the systems integrator partner to extend any application running on the Vector Flow platform or to create a completely new application utilizing the platform’s machine learning (ML) framework and designer tools without writing any code. This functionality extends the usefulness of any application as business processes change.

Three categories of solutions run on the new Vector Flow platform:

1. Physical Workforce Identity Access Management (PIAM) which streamlines identity on/off boarding processes, physical access provisioning, access audits, compliance to regulations and risks analysis. Applications include:
  • Unification of Identities, Access and Badges
  • Intelligent Access Provisioning: Enforcing Right ID and Right Access
  • Perpetual Audit and Remediation for 24/7 Compliance
  • Mobile Self-Service for Employees and Partners
  • Real-time Identity Risks and Prescriptions
  • Real-time Building Occupancy Management & Prediction
  • Adaptive Policies for Emergency/Pandemic Access Management

2. Physical Security Operation Center (SOC) Automation which employs deep AI based automation for SOC operations and autonomous alarm reduction and reporting, along with multiple functions to optimize overall operations. Applications include:
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • Unlimited Device Monitoring and Automated Optimization
  • Auto Detection of Faulty Devices
  • Configuration Automation
  • Intelligent SOC Virtual Assistants using Machine Learning Playbooks
3. Cyber-Physical Security which performs an audit of physical security as it relates to cyber defense. For example, it enforces “defense in depth” concepts using advanced AI models to detect vulnerabilities related to critical infrastructure, like the data centers or laboratory doors. It also manages the vulnerabilities of the IoT devices in the physical security and building automation world to prevent cyber surface attacks. Vector Flow’s transformative technology not only will help in automating critical functions of physical security but also provide defense against cyber-physical attacks with an extra layer of security. This category of applications will be available in 2022. Applications include:
  • Cyber-Physical Security Defense
  • Insider Threats / Breach Detection
  • Auto Detection of IoT Device Vulnerabilities
The Vector Flow Platform is comprised of an application design studio and a workbench to build applications utilizing Vector Flow’s integrated data lake and ML framework. It comes with visual rules configurator, playbook designer and forms designer to help customers easily extend business applications or write new applications as their business processes change. The runtime edition of the platform is available now. The developer edition of the platform will be available in 2022.

Vector Flow is already onboarding several significant customers. This includes a global  telecommunications provider with over 450,000 identities which replaced legacy PIAM application with Vector Flow’s AI-enabled Physical Identity Lifecycle application. The unique Vector Flow solution promises to save millions of dollars in direct costs over the course of the contract while increasing overall security operations productivity, compliance to regulations and delivering valuable service to the enterprise. In another example, a top Research and Pharmaceutical company, focused on anti-viral drugs and treatments, deployed Vector Flow’s AI-enabled Alarm Reduction Application to reduce
their false / nuisance alarm counts and to streamline the SOC functions by establishing and measuring the KPIs across all SOCs. In another example, a prominent networking products company reduced their false / nuisance alarm counts by over 80% in few months without any human touch or masking of any alarms. Return on Investment was achieved within months. The SOC alarm fatigue was also removed for this customer and SOC operations was streamlined with increased productivity and visibility across
the globe.

For more information, visit the new Vector Flow website:

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