Integrators Need a Monitored IoT Solution

By Al Colombo

The need for monitored IoT (Internet of Things) sensors is growing every day. Where some Security Integrators and Alarm Dealers have already researched their options, others have not.

According to Alexei Erchak, founder and CEO of BeON Home, in his story entitled “IoT and Smart Homes: A Perfect Match,” published in the June issue of Security InfoWatch, “The Internet of Things has created a lot of opportunity for many businesses. IoT technologies have empowered consumers with products and services they couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.”

Although Erchak's story centers on Home Automation, the case for IoT monitoring is just as compelling in the commercial arena. Application examples include:

  • Energy Usage

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Government

  • Pollution

  • Transportation

  • Product Marketing

Let's say that a prospective client is concerned about her aging mother who lives alone. A PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) would be ideal, but the need is basic and the price of a PERS is not justified to the client. One alternative is an IoT-based motion detector positioned in a centralized area of the senior's abode.

A product solution now available on the market involves the use of an IoT motion detector that integrates with a local camera. The camera could be installed outside the front door and the motion in the main living space. The IoT motion reports to the camera and the camera reports to a central station via cellular technology or local WiFi. If motion is not forth coming in a 24-hour period, the central station will notify the call list, just as it does a burglar alarm.

In the commercial world, IoT sensors can be monitored by a central station through a Cloud-based processing system. In a museum, for example, temperature and humidity can be tracked, logged, and monitored by IoT sensors. The tracking of temperature and humidity is often a requirement of those who own the many priceless items kept there, including companies that insure them against damage and loss. A full, running record of each must be made available according to each firm's requirements.

If you're a Security Integrator or a savvy, experienced Alarm Dealer, then you will want to know more about IoT sensors and the Cloud-based portion of this equation. Verdafero of San Francisco offers information and hands-on insight into the IoT Monitoring world through a variety of methods. Learn more about it by downloading “Monitoring Utilities and IoT,” written by Al Colombo, a well established technical writer in the Security and Life Safety markets. Go to