How To Use Security eNews
With Social Media

Thank you for taking an interest in how Security eNews works and how you can use our work to augment  your own social media efforts. In this how-to page, we'll not go into the actual mechanics of social media. If you need some direction in this regard, feel free to read some of the articles on our main TpromoCom website: click here.

The first portion of each article or excerpt of another author's work is usually usable as a social media blurb, suitable for use on your own so cial media channels. Referring to the screen shot on the right, the text and link circled in red is the usable social media blurb, as mentioned above. The blue circled link is a Bitly shortened link to the Security eNews page you're on. 

The great thing about this effort is that this blurb also contains basic hashtags, which you want to have in  your social media blurbs. If you're not sure exactly what hashtags are and how they work, there are two articles on the TpromoCom Social Media Articles menu page that goes into it. If you need assistance, refer to our Contact page on the main TpromoCom website (click here).